The Margaret Paxton Memorial Trust was created in late 1921 from the Estate of Rachel Paxton, named after her daughter Margaret, to serve children in need in Loudoun County. The Paxton Trust’s  largest contribution to our community is through the its partnership with The Arc of Loudoun, our tenant on the Paxton Campus. The Arc operates several programs for children with disabilities and their families on the Paxton Campus, including The Aurora School, a K-12 day school for children with disabilities; the Aurora Behavior Clinic, providing therapeutic services like Speech and Behavior services to children with disabilities; Open Door Learning Center, an inclusive preschool supporting children of all abilities; Ability Fitness, providing specialized therapeutic fitness to people with mobility challenges and spinal cord injuries; and the ALLY Advocacy Center, providing help and support for children and families. 

The Paxton Trust contributes over $500,000 in-kind annually in use of our beautiful historic campus to The Arc of Loudoun to meet our mutual mission of serving children in need in Loudoun. The Paxton Trust also collaborates with dozens of other organizations in Loudoun focusing on health, safety, and education for all at-risk children. The Paxton Trust is also building a stronger community for our children through its own initiatives like Mosaic and the Paxton Trust Emergency Fund.  The Paxton Trust is governed by three Board of Trustees and an advisory Board of Visitors from St. James Episcopal Church.  Reaching out to kids in the community is our Administrative Assistant, Meredith Lefforge.