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The Trust

The Paxton Memorial Trust is a charitable Trust that was created for the benefit of children who, because of ill health, accident, neglect, poverty or any other cause, are in need of maintenance, care or comfort. It has always and continues to exist for the sole purpose of serving children in need in Loudoun County.

Founded in 1921 under the Last Will of Rachel Paxton (mother of Margaret Paxton), the Paxton Memorial Trust has operated several entities. First was a summer camp for orphans run at the Paxton Family home, Carlheim. Over the years, this camp evolved into an active, full-time home for orphans. In 1970, the Trust successfully opened The Paxton Child Development Center, which saw an average daily attendance of 250 children until 2003.

Soon after ceasing operations of the Paxton Child Development Center, the Paxton Memorial Trust began working with a local charitable organization – The Arc of Loudoun –to facilitate the opening of the Aurora School at the Paxton Campus. The Trust fully funded Campus improvements and continues to support and assist in the operations and community outreach efforts of The Aurora School and the other programs of The Arc benefitting children on the Campus.

The Paxton Memorial Trust continues to serve Loudoun’s children in need through various initiatives. Financial contributions to individuals as well as organizations ensure our youth the fundamentals and basic necessities that every child deserves. From eye glasses to school supplies to assistive technology, the Trust always has and always will strive to improve the lives of our children in Loudoun County.

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