Community is such an important word. It means: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.

This past year, the Trust has seen this community at its finest. From our For The Children events to benefit local programs that improve kids’ lives, to hosting a free Fun on the Fourth party on the Paxton Campus property for kids to enjoy the Fourth of July; our community has certainly come together for the sake of doing good things for our community’s kids! The Trust has been serving kids in need in Loudoun since 1922, and this year was no different. There are so many non-profits in Loudoun that need community support.

We hosted a pub crawl-style fund-raiser in Leesburg in June called Paxton’s Taste of the Town and proceeds went to sending kids in the local homeless shelter to the YMCA summer camps. We worked with the Ryan Bartel Foundation to bring awareness to teen suicide prevention in October; and volunteered alongside the Mobile Hope bus in December to bring some holiday cheer to kids and their families. We have been assisting Summit Dog, a newly-formed non-profit organization, to provide therapy animal assistance programs to more kids here in Loudoun. Without each other, there is no community.

Without our supporters, sponsors, donors, and volunteers, there is no community. Community Outreach allows the Trust to create a common goal; a community that is prosperous, child-focused and supportive. A community where children TRUST that we are here for each of them. Won’t you be a part of this journey, too?

Published by Meredith Lefforge

Community Outreach Coordinator